Artist: Amaranthia Sepia Gittens-Jones

Artist: Amaranthia Sepia Gittens-Jones



Amaranthia Sepia Gittens-Jones
11" x 14" Print from Ipad Digital
March, 2014

14-year-old Amaranthia Sepia Gittens-Jones has studied under acclaimed artists Ian Torney and Sylbia Brofos. In 2011 she was recognized as the best artist in her school and is on full scholarship at Kimball Jenkins and has displayed her work at NHTI, the Chichester Library, and Merrimack County Savings Bank. She regularly donates pieces to sell, with proceeds benefiting a range of causes.

Amaranthia's work is influenced by earlier years spent living in Tokyo. One day she hopes to creast a space where young artists like her can show their work.

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