Lone Wolf Cruisers Donate $601 to Support the Friends Program (Oct 2014)

cruise-night-at-arniesEver wonder what's up with the classic cars that converge on Arnie's Place on Tuesday nights during the warm weather months? They belong to members of the Lone Wolf Cruisers, who are helping the Friends Program strengthen our communities one dollar at a time.

The non-profit club holds the weekly Cruise Nights at Arnie's on the Heights from May through Columbus Day. Club members gather at the local landmark in their vintage vehicles and pay $1 to park and exhibit their rides. On any given Tuesday, there could be as many as 40-60 vehicles ranging from Brass Era horseless carriages to muscle cars from the Sixties and the early Seventies. At the end of the season, the fees are counted up and donated to local charities. The Friends Program has been the principal beneficiary over the years.

On Sunday, October 5, the Lone Wolf Cruisers presented Friends Executive Director Jerry Madden with a check for $600. "An unnamed person from the club came up and just handed me the $1 and said, 'Add this to the check,'" Madden said. Such it is that the Club supports the Friends Program one dollar at a time.

And it does add up. Since 2002, the Lone Wolf Cruisers have donated over $24,000 to support the Friends Program.

Betty Philibert is one of the principal organizers of the cruise nights. She's been involved for about 14 years, shortly after her husband bought their red 1957 Chevy. While she loves the camaraderie of the Lone Wolf Cruisers, she herself does not drive the Chevy. "It's a standard," Philibert explained. "My husband swore that he'd teach me how to drive a stick, but all these years later I'm still the passenger."

"We chose the Friends Program as our beneficiary because it's such a great cause and so highly thought of in Concord," said Philibert, who lives in Manchester. "We wanted to help a charity that does a lot for the community where we gather."