Benefits to Volunteering (July 2017)

One could say the heart of the Friends Program is our volunteers. We are thankful and appreciative of how the efforts of those folks make us thrive. If you ask our volunteers, many would reply that volunteering helps them thrive. There is plenty of research available to support how volunteering does improve the health and well-being of those who donate their time in that capacity. However, were you aware that volunteering can also help those who are out of work increase their chances of employment? The Corporation for National & Community Service recently released the results of a study that indicate volunteering does increase your odds of landing a job by 27%. The report posits volunteering helps increase the person’s social capital and human capital and thus increases the job seekers marketability. The Friends Program likes to facilitate such connections between our volunteers and potential employees. Our Youth Mentoring Coordinators have many times been asked to serve as a reference for our volunteers; particularly from our screened, trained, responsible, and competent high school volunteers seeking afterschool jobs, summer jobs, or work study opportunities in college. So if you are having trouble securing employment, consider utilizing your skills in a volunteer position. The Friends Program is always on the hunt for good quality people from our community.


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