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The Friends Youth Mentoring Program was founded in 1975 to address juvenile delinquency. Since then it has evolved, using best practice knowledge and research, to address a number of issues, including juvenile delinquency, school performance, school dropout rates, substance abuse prevention, and in general, positive youth development.

Currently, the program operates in Merrimack County and uses different mentoring models to work with a broad range of youth who have been identified as in need of a mentor by a referral source. Mentors are volunteers, age 16 and up, that are selectively matched with school age youth (ages 6-17), in a one-to-one mentoring relationship that helps them gain confidence and improve their behavior at home, in school, and in the community.

The Friends Youth Mentoring Program provides children with a supportive, non-judgmental mentor who can serve as a positive role model, who will listen to their problems, and who will provide them a window to the world outside their environment. Volunteer mentors help children realize that they are special, have potential, and can achieve their goals.



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