Stories of Youth Mentoring Relationships

From the Youth

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Mentor Quotes

“I would have told anyone that suggested it they were crazy but when she asked I couldn’t refuse. We ended up having a great time snow tubing at Gunstock.” (LK)

“It would be nice to get a little feedback…to know that I’m making a difference. Then when I pick him up and he comes running to the car before I’m even out, I think, There’s my proof.” (KC)

“I have had a lot of fun with her, and I think she’s had a lot of fun, too!” (BA)

“I was walking her back to her classroom and one of her classmates passed us and asked “Who’s that?”, referencing me, and she responded with her shoulders back and proudly “MY friend”, not my mentor but MY friend. It was great!” (SB)

“I have come to greatly admire her spirit. She has a quiet inner strength. It’s amazing what kids can get through…” (JC)

Youth Quotes

“I like the Friends Program because it’s fun and you get to meet a new person.” (KB)

“Since meeting my mentor I know I have a friend I can do fun things with and talk to.” (TG)

“I really don’t enjoy school, but I look forward to seeing my mentor for an hour every Monday. I like knowing when I get out of class she’ll always be there for me.” (KC)

“I think having a mentor is pretty cool. I didn’t have any friends to do stuff with, now I do.” (MD)

“He came to my basketball game and my friends kept asking me who the guy in the bleachers was yelling for our team. I told them it was my friend. They looked confused. Guess they don’t have any grown up friends.” (MC)