We Celebrate Mentors (Feb 2019)

2019 02 11 We Celebrate MEntors Kevin Jephthe

We Celebrate Mentors: Featuring Kevin Flanagan

The Friends Youth Mentoring Program is proud to welcome Kevin Flanagan to our stellar team of mentors. Kevin and his wife have enjoyed living in the Capital Region for nearly two decades.

Kevin previously worked with a local benefit plan provider, conducting seminars and safety classes on a broad variety of subjects. His colleagues say he has been mentoring for most of his adult life and has now decided to make his mentoring official, lending strength and support to his mentee Jephthe’s life.

When Kevin learned that Jepthe’s native language is Swahili, he learned to speak words of greeting to Jepthe’s family. He has approached their time together with energy and enthusiasm.

Kevin stepped up to improve the life of a local young person and you can too by calling one of our coordinators to register for an orientation, the first step toward mentoring a child! (603) 228-0108