We Celebrate Mentors (March 2019)

2019 03 08 We Celebrate Mentors

We Celebrate Mentors: Featuring Deb Kolling

The changes a young person experiences from the 5th grade to high school are immeasurable. Mentor Deb Kolling has been there for her mentee Amber to help her navigate that journey since 2015. During that time Deb has served as a reliable and trusted adult in Amber’s life during a pivotal developmental stage of growth.

Deb’s personal journey brought her and her husband to New Hampshire after a 33-year career as a school teacher. Deb has accumulated a lot of wisdom gleaned from her classroom experience, as well as from being the proud parent of two children, and as a grandmother. Deb combines her wisdom with an abundance of positivity to be a guiding light for Amber.

The Friends Youth Mentoring Program is looking for people who can provide that important guiding light to the deserving children in our community. Are you interested in taking that journey? Please call us at (603) 228-0108.