I am deeply grateful for the impact this program has had on my son. (full story)

My son gets so much out of being in the Friends Program and having a mentor. (full story)

Mentoring Quotes

Kids –

“I wish I could be with my mentor every day.”

“Since being in the Friends Program, I just feel happier.  My mentor helps me with all kinds of things. He is awesome.”

“He came to my basketball game and my friends kept asking me who the guy in the bleachers was yelling for our team. I told them he was someone there for me and then I said as long as he was routing it might as well be for all of us!”

Mentors –

“As a mentor I try to be an encourager, fun, and a confidence builder.”

“My mentee knows there is another adult in her life she can trust who cares about her and will always be there for her.  I know mentoring has been and continues to be a comfort for her.”

“I find its easy acting like a kid again.  We do silly things together and no one minds.” 

Parents –

“This is the first time my son has had a true male role model.  His mentor takes time to help him hone his skills and my son has started to dream again of what’s possible.”

“My child has something to look forward to each week.  This is an amazing program.”

“My boys have learned through their mentors that they can do anything.  Their mentors have been great influences.  My sons have made great connections.  These are role models they can look up to and most importantly be themselves with.”

“My son has gained confidence, self-respect, courage, and more independence.”