Friends Program Celebrates Volunteers and 9th Annual Doremus Award (Sept 30th)

Friends Program Trustees, staff, and supporters came together on Thursday, September 29th to recognize the efforts of some remarkable volunteers. The gathering also gave the Friends Board of Trustees the chance to present this years 9th Annual James S. Doremus Award to Alan Andrian.

In selecting the honorees, program staff chose volunteers who are emblematic of what the Friends’ Four Programs represent. “Volunteers are the essence of our organization,” said Friends Executive Director Jerry Madden. “Universally they are caring, giving individuals who place great value on helping others in their communities. Tonight’s honorees are well deserving of recognition and represent all of the other volunteers who support our Four Programs.”

Among those honored at the event, held at NH Audubon, was Youth Mentoring volunteer Betty Lenehan of Concord, RSVP volunteer couple “Cy” & Gordon Sherman of Concord, Foster Grandparent volunteer Linda White of Nashua, and Emergency Housing supporter the Concord Food Co-op.

 Youth Mentor Award  RSVP Award  Foster Grandparent Award Emergency Housing Award 

 Betty Lenehan has been a Friends Youth Mentoring volunteer for the past decade to the same mentee, Amanda. In addition to giving hundreds of hours as a volunteer mentor, Betty served as a Friends Program trustee for nine years, and is currently is an active volunteer with RSVP, driving seniors to their medical appointments and necessary errands.

Cy & Gordon Sherman have been dedicated RSVP volunteers for over 12 years and have contributed a combined lifetime total of almost 12,000 service hours.  For years they have been involved with volunteering at support and chat groups, exercise classes, pastoral care, and providing resident companionship and visitation or rides to anyone in need.

Linda White has been serving at Nashua’s Dr. Crisp Elementary School as a Foster Grandparent for the past 6 years.  Linda’s first two years were spent in third and fifth grade classrooms, where she supported, guided, and encouraged students who were struggling academically. For the past four years she has served in the library and supports students from Kindergarten through fifth grade. 

The Concord Food Co-op has supported the Friends Emergency Housing Program for over 10 years by hosting and facilitating events that have raised money on our behalf, as well as raised community awareness and increased support for the program.

The ceremony concluded with the presentation of the 9th Annual Doremus Award to Alan Andrian, owner of Alan’s of Boscawen. The award is conferred upon a recipient selected by the Friends Board in recognition of long-term contributions to support the organization.

For over 15 years Alan has been involved in the Friends Program Golf Tournament, not only as a player but as the lunch sponsor.  The golf tournament is the largest single fundraiser for the Youth Mentoring Program and it is a conservative estimate that Alan has donated well over $30,000 to this annual event.

Special recognition was given to our volunteer award winners from Senators Shaheen and Ayotte, who sent letters of thanks and appreciation to be presented at the event.

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