Annual Volunteer Celebration & Awards (Oct 2017)

Friends Program Trustees, staff, and supporters came together on Thursday, October 5th to recognize the efforts of some remarkable volunteers. The gathering also gave the Friends Board of Trustees the chance to present this years 10th Annual James S. Doremus Award to Steven Arndt.

Steve Arndt

In selecting the honorees, program staff chose volunteers who are emblematic of what the Friends’ Four Programs represent. “Volunteers are the essence of our organization,” said Friends Board of Trustees Vice President, Catherine Devaney. “Universally they are caring, giving individuals who place great value on helping others in their communities. Tonight’s honorees are well deserving of recognition and represent all of the other volunteers who support our Four Programs.”


Among those honored at the event was Emergency Housing Program volunteer Marcy Charette, Foster Grandparent Program Community Partner Belmont Elementary School, RSVP Program volunteer Ralph Appleby, and Youth Mentoring Program volunteer George Smith.

lorrie and marcy 2 Belmont Elementary 2 addie and ralph 2 Mo and George 2

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