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Do you - or someone you know - enjoy helping children learn?
100 0646You or a fellow senior can make a big difference in the lives of N.H. youngsters. 
Foster Grandparents are retired folks, 55 and up, who take great pride and satisfaction in helping kids reach their potential.
As a volunteer, you'll serve in a school or childcare center close to home. Also, Friends Foster Grandparents choose the age level of the children they work with. Foster Grandparents work one-on-one or in small groups of kids to help them achieve. The children will be thankful for the support - and you'll feel good knowing that you're helping kids grow and reach their potential. 
Also, through a federal grant the Friends Program has secured, income-eligible seniors receive a tax-free stipend to offset expenses related to their service; this stipend does not affect Social Security or housing benefits. 
Why should you volunteer? One of our volunteers said it best:
"Being a Foster Grandparent has brought me nothing but joy, and a good feeling of being able to help some of these beautiful children, in our schools. They need our help and love."
Call 228-0141 to learn more about this wonderful opportunity. Get involved. Help children in your community.

Be Someone Who Matters to Someone Who Matters
Make a difference in the life of a Merrimack County young person. Be a mentor. The first step is coming to one of our monthly orientations that will introduce you our program and outline what's involved. Step up and step in to help a needy child. Call 228-0108 today to get started.

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The Friends Program, 202 North State Street, Concord, NH
4:30-7:00pm unless otherwise noted
Interested?  Have questions?  Want more information? Call 228-0108 to speak with a Youth Mentoring Coordinator.

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Want to make a difference in a child’s life in our community?  

The Friends Foster Grandparent Program places seniors in local schools helping children read, learn, and be mentored by caring adults 55 and up. And we need volunteers!

Highlights of this wonderful program include:

- By volunteering in a local elementary or preschool you’ll mentor and support children academically and emotionally while building meaningful relationships with students and other adults in the community. 

- Income-eligible seniors receive a grant-funded, tax-free stipend that won’t affect your Social Security benefits or any other assistance. 

- Encouraging a child to reach their goals gives you a sense of purpose and gives that child confidence and the comfort of a caring adult.

The Friends Program coordinates the only Foster Grandparent Program in New Hampshire and we have openings in many communities! Maybe your hometown school is one of them!

For more information on how to become a Foster Grandparent Volunteer please call 1-800-536-1193 or visit

7 BEST Bruce Dawson Shelley Huntoon Nancee Dawson Fran Howland Rodney Huntoon 8 12May is a month when we celebrate older Americans who spring into action to work for positive social change, help their fellow seniors, and take ownership of their own health and well-being.

Since 1963, communities across America have shown their gratitude to seniors' contributions by celebrating Older Americans Month each May. The theme of this year's celebration is "Get into the Act" to focus on how older adults are taking charge of their health, engaging with their communities, and making a positive impact on the lives of others. The theme also reflects on the 50th anniversary of the Older Americans Act, which Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law in 1965. Since that time, the Act has provided funding and a nationwide aging services network to help older adults live with dignity in the communities of their choice for as long as possible. These services include caregiver support, community-based assistance, and preventive health and wellness services. The creation of the Foster Grandparent Program and RSVP were part of this larger effort.
May is also Osteoporosis Awareness Month. 54 million Americans have osteoporosis or low bone mass, putting them at risk for breaks and fractures. Bone Builders classes, offered free through Friends RSVP, feature low-impact exercises that yield high-impact results. These senior strength sessions improve bone and muscle strength, balance, circulation, and general health. Classes are held twice a week, year-round at local senior centers, senior housing buildings, and other locales. Friends RSVP-trained volunteers lead classes at 22 locations in Merrimack, Rockingham and Belknap counties. Over 2,000 classes are taught annually. To get involved, call the Friends Program at 228-1193.


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Dear Friend,

For an eight-year-old boy, there is absolutely nothing more devastating than losing your dad.

"They were almost like brothers, playing pranks on the rest of the family, always laughing," recalls Jason's mother, Jennifer, who had to contend with her own grief while helping her son cope. "I saw the light leave my son. It was hard to figure out what to do to make him laugh again." 

Michael  Bruce Building a tree house for Michael 3-13Through Jason's school guidance counselor, Jennifer learned about the Friends Program. She called us hoping to find a mentor to match with her son.

Wade was in his mid-fifties with two grown daughters. We matched him with Jason because of his interest in doing the kind of "boy stuff" he loved to do when he was Jason's age.

The first time Jason met Wade, he was a little shy. Wade tried to get his new Junior Friend to open up by asking about the kinds of things Jason and his dad used to do together for fun.

This sent Jason running to his bedroom.

A moment later he returned with a dusty little trophy. "My dad and I got this at the ice fishing derby before he died. Do you fish?"

In the past four years, the two have gone fishing, built a tree house, climbed mountains, and much more.

Wade is one of many Friends Program volunteers. These community champions do so much for our most vulnerable neighbors. They drive homebound seniors to the doctor's office, help shelter homeless families, and mentor youngsters like Jason.

For 40 years, the Friends Program has been recruiting volunteers like Wade. I hope that you can help by making a year-end gift. 

If you have contributed recently - thank you! Your gift will immediately be put to work.

Last year, the Friends Annual Fund campaign raised $30,000. Can you help us increase - or even double this amount? With 2014 having marked the last year of the Friends auction, your generosity is vital to our efforts.

I am grateful for your gift in whatever amount you are able to contribute and appreciate your kind consideration.

Thank you,
Jerry Madden Signature BLUE 1.11.10
Jerrome K. Madden
Executive Director