The Friends Emergency Housing Program is an emergency shelter for families, providing 24-hour, 7 days a week staffing. The program provides intensive, community-based case management and short-term housing, aftercare and outreach services for families at risk of future homelessness; along with transitional housing units in Concord in partnership with and through the generosity Keystone Management Incorporated. Families are provided with the support, education and training to assist them in acquiring long-term skills and accessing resources to find and maintain permanent housing.

When the lengths of stay for clients increased, primarily due to a lack of affordable housing in the community, the program took steps to develop an intensive, comprehensive and highly successful case management component.

The purpose of the program is to break the cycle of homelessness for families. Founded on establishing a sense of safety, supportive counseling and educational services are provided to help residents find and maintain permanent housing. A safe, consistent, predictable, and respectful environment that keeps families together as a unit sets the stage for success at achieving individualized goals. 

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