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    Friends Program volunteers mentor local boys and girls, drive homebound seniors to medical appointments, and help shelter homeless families. We're able to recruit and support these community champions because of your financial support. Your donation today will help us build relationships that empower people, encourage community service, and restore faith in the human spirit.

A Mother's Mentoring Story

I am deeply grateful for the impact this program has had on my son.  My son’s father took his own life.  That has always been challenging for us to wrap our minds around as we loved him.  Some run away from such circumstances, but not my son’s mentor.  He has always been there.  He has been an exceptionally good fit for my son.  His mentor is an extremely positive person and has always been so willing to find time for my son.  He has played a huge part in my son’s welfare.  This has been especially important as my son has gotten older.  My son had some struggles during his middle school years; with an edgier, emotional presentation and some social challenges.  His mentor has always been very inspirational.  His Mentor is such a can-do person.  In many ways, but certainly by sheer example, he has helped my son face his struggles.  My son is now in high school and doing much better.  His mentor has inspired and taught, whilst letting my son be who he is, without judgment.  His mentor has gone out of his way to attend my son’s band concerts and to involve himself with supporting my son’s scouting activities; these efforts were above and beyond the numerous outdoor activities he made accessible to him.  I know there are a lot of single mothers out there who, like me, do their best and very much love their kids, but I just want you to know that when mine sees his mentor; he fills with pride in simply knowing that that special guy is there just for him.  His mentor consistently makes the effort and that has made the difference.  There was a tree house concept that my son and his own father had planned, but then his father died.  I tried to help put something together for my son as I knew it was important to him, but quite honestly wasn't so good at it.  So when his mentor just offered one day, my son was filled with admiration.  We didn't even ask him.  He just offered and built the whole tree house with my son.  That type of remarkable, intuitive gesture has been repeated on my son's behalf by his mentor, over and over again.  My son and I do live remotely in a rural area and though we do get out sometimes, I recognize and fully appreciate the many opportunities his mentor has provided in helping assure he is successful and plugged into life.       

Mother of a 14 year old (now in the program for 3 ½ years with the same Mentor)