Recent Grant Awards (May 2017)

The Friends Program would like to thank the Lincoln Financial Foundation, the Bishop's Charitable Assistance Fund and the Pearl Manor Fund of the Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation for their recent funding awards.


The Friends RSVP and Emergency Housing Programs received a $15,000 grant from the Lincoln Financial Foundation.  The grant will help support the RSVP Caregivers Program, which allows seniors to age in place by providing rides to/from medical appointments; the RSVP Food Insecurity Project, which will work to implement programs to reduce food insecurity among children, families and individuals; and the Emergency Housing Family Shelter, which houses up to 8 homeless families at a time.

Lincoln Financial Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Lincoln Financial Group established in 1962, believes in empowering people to live greater lives, which advances culture and empowers greater positive change.  Its grant is part of Lincoln Financial's annual $10 million investment in its local communities' youth education, economic and workforce development, human well-being and arts programs.


The Friends Emergency Housing Program received a grant from the Bishop's Charitable Assistance Fund for case management staffing, services and support. The Bishop's Charitable Assistance Fund makes grants to tax-exempt organizations without regard to religious affiliation for projects that help people in NH meet their basic needs.  The Fund is operated by volunteer lay man and women who serve as Directors and who make recommendations to the Bishop of Manchester for grants to any organization in NH whose mission is consistent with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Elliot Charitable

The Friends Foster Grandparent Program received a grant from the Pearl Manor Fund of the Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation for work in the Manchester Area.