We Celebrate Mentors (June 2019)

2019 06 11 Mentor Jachary Painchaud Site Based
We Celebrate Mentors! Zachary expressed heartfelt interest in doing meaningful community service and qualified as a teen mentor to a 10-year-old boy in the Friends Youth Mentoring Program. Through top notch role modeling and patience, Zachary has positively assisted this energetic youngster by managing activities such as going to the gym, playing sports, and enjoying many games, while consistently providing time to practice speaking English.

Zachary has been able to offer a truly enriching experience to this child by supporting him as he positively prioritizes his needs. Zachary’s efforts have been responsive and a genuine extension of who he is, making the mentoring contribution to this child’s life appear easy. Zachary has been an exemplary volunteer in our program and we hope you will join us in celebrating Zachary.