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Youth Mentoring Art Celebration (Aug 2019)

2019 07 02 Group pic by Terri a min 04 27 19 2019 08 20 12 Mentees Willow Stuti Jose Clementine with Artist Segun drying pieces outside by TS min

[Link to Concord Montitor Article: Celebrating the creative artistry of local children]



Friends Program Receives $5,000 Grant from

The Rite Aid Foundation to fund professional art projects


The children of the Friends Youth Mentoring Program enjoyed a visual and tactile adventure to Joy Valley AND experienced a Superb Summer. Thanks to a grant from The Rite Aid Foundation, we were able to offer two art projects in 2019 geared towards helping the children, with the support of their mentors and professional artists, learn new hands-on and problem solving skills while building self-esteem, social competencies, and cultural awareness.

Joy Valley, named by the children artists, is the quilting project with award-winning textile/fiber artist Tracy Szanto, owner of Dreamland Machine Quilting, LLC. Tracy worked with us from the concept and design stages through application of varying techniques to bring the imaginative and unique piece to fruition. The quilt includes many special touches and whimsical contributions.

Superb Summer, also named by the children, is a sand painting project with Segun Olorunfemi, a Professional Teaching Artist originally from Nigeria who is now based in New Hampshire. In creative space generously shared by New Hampshire Technical Institute and Kimball Jenkins School of Art, our young artists worked collectively to brainstorm content ideas of activities they have done, or would like to do, with their mentors. Colorful outdoor scenes filled with sunshine and adventures prevail. In addition to the large scale group collaborative piece, the children created individual pieces to take home. 

The children enjoyed these enriching learning experiences by creatively and constructively expressing themselves outside of the formal classroom setting during non-school hours. Our collective gratitude goes out to each of these New Hampshire artists who share decades of experience in their respective art forms and in teaching children. The final pieces will be on display in specially selected locations at the Friends Program office for all to enjoy following a public opening on Friday, August 16, 2019 from 5-7PM.

Founded in 1975, the Friends Program is a non-profit social service organization that recruits, trains, and manages volunteers to meet community needs. Our mission is to strengthen communities by building relationships that empower people, encourage community service, and restore faith in the human spirit. For more information go to www.friendsprogram.org