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    Friends Program volunteers mentor local boys and girls, drive homebound seniors to medical appointments, and help shelter homeless families. We're able to recruit and support these community champions because of your financial support. Your donation today will help us build relationships that empower people, encourage community service, and restore faith in the human spirit.

RVSP & Thriving Community Gardens (Aug 2019)

2019 08 16 RSVP Community Gardens

Green-thumbed and skilled volunteers in the Friends RSVP (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program) are helping build and cultivate thriving community gardens. As part of the RSVP Food Insecurity Project, the veggies from this labor of love will provide fresh vegetables to local food pantries for our food insecure neighbors.

The 'Before' picture above shows RSVP volunteers planting back on a cool spring day in Newmarket. Don't miss out on seeing how much these sprouts have grown by watching this 'After' video clip. And check out this article in Fosters.com detailing this featured community garden.