“It has been a joy having Maddie Berube as our volunteer. We look forward to Tuesday and Wednesday mornings when Maddie arrives. She is more than a volunteer, she is a respected and valued part of our Area HomeCare team and a good representative of the RSVP volunteer network. It is a wonderful program and deserving of the support it receives from the community.”
-Gordon McCollester, President CEO, Area HomeCare

“We couldn’t get along without them. Not only are they invaluable in helping the United Way of the Greater Seacoast get information about our mission throughout the community through various mailings, they assist with getting us organized for meetings and presentations, from copying and assembling materials, to wrapping gifts!

"Before (RSVP) Bone Builders I was having trouble with climbing stairs, lower back aches, moving joints in my legs and arms and my balance was poor.  Since I've been involved in the (RSVP) Bone Builders exercise, I have gained back the strength in my legs.  I no longer have bad problems with balance and am able to move without aches and pains."

"No task is too small, or too large, for them to undertake. They are always cheerful and never fail to lift our spirits when they are here. They also serve as great role models of how to stay active and involved in their community through volunteering."

"It has been a life saver for me to get to my doctor appointments.  The drivers are all great....I have met the nicest people.  I can't praise the program enough."

"Attending Bone Builders has been such a positive effect on my physical and emotional well-being."